AirBnb: how changing your identity for a weekend can change your view on traveling

Posted on april 19, 2014


There’s something about Paris I just can’t seem to place. It is this sizzling feeling you get when you touch the edge of the city, like a bubble that’s covering it. You can’t seem to pop that bubble though, but you can step in and have a hell of a time!

It’s the first time I tried Airbnb and I know it probably won’t be the last. At this point, Airbnb is covering about 192 countries around the world. The concept is easy and straight to the point: Choose the city you’re dying to explore, pick an apartment that seems to cover your dreams and step into the identity of the people owning it.

The apartment I stepped into felt mysterious, although it might be a feeling I just wanted to experience at that point. The deal was easy and if I didn’t know any better, was about the same as booking an hotelroom: I give you the money, you give me a place to sleep, eat and discover. And if you want to dig in to the life of the owner: just go ahead but don’t feel obliged.

The fun and different experience from any other rental service? The place isn’t yours, isn’t neutral and really isn’t fit for you. But this is the fun part. You really have the opportunity to step into a local kind of lifestyle. Most of the people who’re renting their place are also ‘in’ when it comes to sharing their sweet spots to eat, drink, laugh, play and explore. They’re most of the time just excited to give you more about the insides of a city. They don’t want you to have a good time, they want to give you the best time ever. They don’t just share an apartment, they share a city and give you a glimps about how they rock & roll.

Are you excited trying it? Just hop to its website, fill in the blanks and choose the place where you’d love to spent your time. Prices range from cheapy cheap to ridiculously expensive.
When you’re back home and settled into your own house again, you can rate the place. Be honest but stay nice. After all, as a traveler you’ll also get a review from the letter.

What we did in Paris?

To be quite honest with you guys? We didn’t do squat that weekend! We fell asleep in a little park near the Eiffel Tower, we ran away from Montmartre, we ate at a very dodgy but oh so jummy place and we had the best wine ever at a small stinky cafe. And since I’m from Belgium: I know some pretty stinky but dear Lord, very good places to have the best drink you ever had.

I’m not going to keep these little places to myself. I like, no, I just love to share! I love to market little, cosy and damn good places where nobody else is sharing them and I just hope you will love them too! So come on over to my next post about Paris, and I’ll share you some places we just love to visit when we enter Paris’ Bubble.


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